How to add jQuery as extension in Magento

magento-connect-150x150jQuery is a very popular Javascript library and therefore it is often used in Magento projects.

It can be added in Magento by editing the apropriate template files and either downloading and installing the library files locally or by using the CDN url.

To avoid all the hassle of editing templates and having to manually update library files jQuery can also be installed as a Magento extension – simply by downloading and installing MageJquery. This approach has considerable advantages over the manual way to do it:

MageJquery makes adding jQuery easy

  • Installation is quick, easy and carefree
  • All important parameters can be configured directly from the Magento backend: activation or deactivation of the library, which jQuery version should be used, from which repository should it be included
  • The library can be updated in the Magento store at the push of the save button in the backend
  • Including the module in all of your Magento projects streamlines your development as well as the deployment process


Installation of jQuery is really simple with MageJquery

  • Purchase and download the extension
  • Unzip and upload to your host
  • Issue modman deploy magejquery to install the extension
  • Empty Magento cache, re-compile if need be
  • Configure the extension in System > Configuration > interSales Modules > MageJquery
  • Ready to go!

With MageJquery the configuration of jQuery can be done in the Magento backend

Activation and configuration is done in the backend

To activate jQuery in the Magento store three simple steps are necessary:

  • Set Enabled to true
  • Enter the desired jQuery version
  • Press Save Config

The extension will now download and install the library for you and include it in your template.

If you wish you can have the extension also include jQuery-UI and jQuery-Mobile for you. Also you can specify a list of aliases, which helps you to avoid conflicts with other javascript libraries like prototype, which comes bundled with Magento.

I hope you enjoy our extension. Please let us know your thoughts!

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